Committing to Mindfulness: A Quick Daily Practice

Join me in committing to meditate for 10 minutes a day for the final two weeks of 2023

12/19/20233 min read

mindfulness printed paper near window
mindfulness printed paper near window


Life can be hectic, overwhelming, and fast-paced. We often find ourselves constantly chasing after the next task, the next goal, and the next deadline. In this never-ending race, it's easy to lose sight of the present moment and forget to take care of ourselves.

That's why I've decided to make a commitment to myself for the remainder of the year. I am going to meditate for just 10 minutes every day. It may seem like a small step, but I believe it can have a profound impact on my overall well-being and help me find a sense of calm amidst the chaos.

The Power of Mindfulness

Meditation is not just about sitting in silence; it's a practice that brings us closer to the present moment and cultivates mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ability to be fully aware of our thoughts, emotions, and sensations without judgment. It allows us to embrace the present moment and experience life more deeply.

When we are mindful, we become more attuned to our surroundings, our relationships, and ourselves. We learn to appreciate the beauty in the simplest things, find gratitude in everyday moments, and let go of unnecessary worries and stress.

Being Present in the Moment

In our fast-paced lives, it's easy to get caught up in the past or worry about the future. We dwell on past mistakes or anxiously anticipate what lies ahead. But by committing to a daily meditation practice, we can train our minds to focus on the present moment.

During those 10 minutes of meditation, I will close my eyes, take deep breaths, and bring my attention to the sensations of my body and the rhythm of my breath. As thoughts arise, I will acknowledge them without judgment and gently guide my focus back to the present moment.

By practicing this daily, I hope to cultivate a greater sense of presence in my everyday life. Whether I'm enjoying a meal, spending time with loved ones, or simply walking in nature, I want to be fully engaged and savor each experience as it unfolds.

The Benefits of Slowing Down

In our fast-paced society, slowing down is often seen as a luxury or a sign of laziness. However, taking time to pause, reflect, and recharge is essential for our overall well-being.

Meditation provides us with an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with ourselves. It allows us to step off the treadmill of constant busyness and find moments of stillness in our day. These moments of stillness can help us recharge, gain clarity, and approach life with a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

Join Me in the Meditation Challenge

As we approach the end of the year, I invite you to join me in this meditation challenge. For the final 12 days of 2023, I'm committing to setting aside just 10 minutes each day to practice meditation.

New to meditation? You don't need any fancy equipment or a specific location. Find a quiet space where you feel comfortable, sit in a comfortable position, and close your eyes. Focus on your breath, let go of any distractions, and simply be present in the moment. Sometimes I like to focus on my breathwork, and other times I may pick a mantra or affirmation to help me get in the zone.

Remember, this challenge is not about perfection or achieving a particular outcome. It's about dedicating a few minutes each day to prioritize your well-being and nurture your inner peace.


Committing to 10 minutes of meditation a day may seem like a small step, but its impact can be profound. By embracing mindfulness, being present in the moment, and slowing down, we can create a positive shift in our lives.

So, let's embark on this meditation challenge together and discover the transformative power of stillness and self-reflection. Join me in making the remaining days of 2023 a time of inner peace, self-care, and personal growth.

Feel free to join me in this challenge, I'll be checking back in a week for an update!