Authenticity: A 2022 Resolution

Being more comfortable being me

12/29/20211 min read

Authenticity: "Real or genuine ; not copied or false." - The Meriam-Webster Dictionary

Authenticity is something that's always been important to me. It's especially been important to me in my friendships--my "ride or dies" are the friends who I know I can be my wholest, most authentic self with. They won't judge me, they won't try to change me. And I've always especially admired people who were able to be their truest selves around new people or in larger settings. You know the people, the ones who aren't the least bit concerned with others' judgment and always seem to be the happiest?

Towards the end of this year, when I realized my life wasn't looking exactly how I expected it to, I began to wonder why. I thought about it a lot. What was missing? After drinking and thinking on it and doing some journaling, I realized that I haven't always been true to myself. Thinking on it more, I realized I had a lot of people pleasing tendencies that I need to work on. Striving to make others happy or gain their approval is making me straight up miserable.

So, my goal for 2022 is to be unapologetically myself. That means setting boundaries and doing what is right for me, even if others aren't really in love with that idea. I will speak up if I'm not comfortable, and speak up if I have an idea I think could be helpful--usually I might say something after the fact in a more private setting or after further thought.

The first step of being authentically myself was getting purple highlights. Something that I've wanted for a looooong time, but just recently had the boldness to actually do. Reception of it? I'd love to say it doesn't matter, but it definitely makes me happier when people like it (typical people pleaser). Again, that last part is also something I'll be working on in 2022 as part of my journey as I step fully into who I am--purple hair, new blogger, delving into spirituality and fine tuning my hobbies (astrology and tarot). As I step into who I am, I hope that happiness is a by-product and look forward to finding out with you all along the way.

Until next time,